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The New Brood Reunites At Independent Wrestling Event

The New Brood The Hardy Boyz Gangrel

Former WWE group The New Brood reunited at a recent wrestling show as current AEW stars The Hardys once again joined up with Gangrel.

The original incarnation of The Brood appeared in WWE in the late nineties when the vampiric Gangrel joined forces with Edge and Christian. The group terrorised their opponents with their trademark blood baths as they waged mind games as well as physical assaults on their fellow WWE Superstars.

Once Gangrel had gone his separate way from Edge and Christian, he briefly teamed with The Hardy Boyz forming The New Brood tempting them away from former manager Michael P.S. Hayes.

Now The New Brood has had a brief reunion at a Big Time Wrestling event after Matt and Jeff Hardy took on former AEW Star Joey Janela and Gangrel – calling themselves The New, New Brood – in tag team action. Following the bout, The Hardys and Gangrel hit a familiar pose with Matt Hardy sharing a snap of the trio on social media.

WWE Hall Of Famer Edge brought back some of the traits from The Brood during his 2021 feud with Seth Rollins. The Rated-R Superstar made an entrance coming up through the stage surrounded by flames as the group used to as well as bringing back what is now termed in WWE as “Broodbaths” as he covered his foes in a black, oozy substance.