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The Mountie Names Which WWE Superstars Were “The Worst” Steroid Users

The Mountie Jacques Rougeau

‘The Mountie’ Jacques Rougeau has opened up on who he believes were the most prolific steroid users in the WWE locker room.

Steroid use in WWE has been a hot topic for many years, with the issue even reaching the courtroom in 1994 when Vince McMahon was accused of distributing the drugs. While the trial ended with McMahon being found not guilty, it led to the WWF instituting independent drug testing and a zero-tolerance policy when it came to wrestlers being found in possession of illegal substances.

Jacques Rougeau, also known as The Mountie, was a member of the WWF roster from 1986-9994. Looking back on his tenure during an interview on the ‘It’s My Wrestling’ podcast, the former Intercontinental Champion claimed steroid use was so rampant in the locker room that it was “a walking drugstore”, with the worst culprits being The British Bulldogs, Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid.

“It was a walking drugstore. I hate to tell you this because I had a feud with them, but the worst was the Bulldogs. They walk in the dressing room, and they have needles sticking their butt. They were walking around like ticking time bombs.”

Rougeau went on to say that he was among the very few who did not take the drugs.

“You’re walking around, and then you go in the bathroom, and they were all doing it you could see them. I could count on my hand, maybe two if I’m lucky, the guys that weren’t on steroids. Everybody was on steroids, everybody but I can think of few. Santana, Martel, Mike Sharp, Lombardi, me and Raymond, Lanny Poffo. There’s not many that weren’t on steroids.”

During the same interview, The Mountie also discussed his belief that Vince McMahon was “scared” of The British Bulldogs, and recalled standing up to the pair.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.