The Miz Shockingly Turns On Logan Paul At WrestleMania

Miz attacks Logan Paul

Despite earning the win in their match, The Miz shockingly turned his back on Logan Paul!

In a stunning turn of events, The Miz has shocked WrestleMania by attacking Logan Paul just seconds after the pair defeated The Mysterios.

In the match itself, Logan Paul looked every inch the WWE Superstar, holding his own against the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Alongside his partner, the YouTube star isolated Dominik before he eventually made the tag to Rey. The Lucha legend raised the pace and took the fight to the showbiz pair going for the ‘The Amigos.’ However, Miz broke away after the second suplex, and tagged in Paul who delivered the move a chorus of boos. The jeers only got louder as he followed this up with a frog splash after doing Eddie Guerrero’s signature pose.

But The Mysterios fought back hitting a 619, followed by Rey landing a frog splash on Paul. But Miz tagged himself in and hit the Skull Crushing Finale to grab the win.

As he celebrated with Paul, he turned and his a Skull Crushing Finale on his partner before celebrating wildly.

Throughout early 2022, The Miz had been at war with The Mysterios. His frustration with the father and son team came to the boil at Elimination Chamber, where he was left laying by the pair. After the match, the former WWE Champion said that he was recruiting a partner to join his cause. That partner turned out to be Logan Paul.

As WrestleMania drew nearer the team routinely made fun of The Mysterios, mocking the pair. This came to a climax when Miz tore off Rey Mysterio’s mask on an episode of Raw.

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