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The Miz And Maryse To Appear On Nickelodeon


WWE has revealed that The Miz and Maryse are set to guest star on ‘The Substitute’, a Nickelodeon TV series on January 10, 2021.

‘The Substitute’ is an American reality television program which features pranks and celebrities going undercover as substitute teachers to surprise students.

Hosted by Juanpa Zurita – a Mexican social media star who found fame on Vine in 2013 – the episode in question will see the ‘awesome’ WWE star suit up as an astronomy teacher whilst Maryse, ‘distracts traffic’, from the control room of the show.

A full breakdown of the episode reads:

In the latest episode, Miz goes incognito as a flashy, hyper-confident astronomy teacher who conflates astronomy with astrology, a dinosaur expert who has some very strange theories on dinosaurs – many of which contradict each other and none of which make sense – and a high-energy fundraiser representative looking to get the kids excited about an upcoming fundraising push which has set aside candy bars in favor of selling… mayonnaise! Meanwhile, Maryse directs traffic from the control room.

‘The Substitute’ has featured many celebrities who are transformed by a team of Hollywood special effects artists, then surprising unsuspecting kids in schools, camps and other locations. During the reveal at the end of the day, each organisation receives a $25,000 donation.

Past celebrities who have made an appearance include Lilly Singh, Ne-Yo and WWE’s very own John Cena & The Bella Twins.

This is just another tick in the box for The Miz (real name Michael Gregory Mizanin) who has been in front of the cameras over half of his lifetime starting in 2001 when a 21 year young Miz featured on MTV’s ‘The Real World’.

Now with a 16 plus year wrestling career, 12 movies, and 30 plus different TV show credits later The Miz is showing no signs of letting up with this latest scheduled appearance on Nickelodeon.