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The Miz’s Money In The Bank Cash-In Thwarted On Raw

The Miz makes his entrance.

The beauty of the Money In The Bank contract is that you never know when it’s going to get cashed in. But on Monday Night Raw, The Miz saw the perfect opportunity.

WWE Champion Randy Orton had just been left laying by former champion Drew McIntyre and as he was making is exit up the ramp, The Miz and John Morrison hit the ring from the opposite direction. As Miz frantically yelled for a referee to come to ring, and the announcement of his cash-in was being made, McIntyre returned, beating down both Miz and Morrison.

As the pair lay outside of the ring, McIntyre declared that “Nobody is going to beat Randy Orton for the WWE Championship except for me.”

Randy Orton had opened Raw with a promo saying that he was no longer “The Legend Killer” and instead simply a legend. Just as Orton was making a challenge to anyone in the back to come and face him, Alexa Bliss appeared and taunted the champion. As she disappeared McIntyre arrived to hit Orton with a Claymore.

The amount of moving parts is the segment mean that the story could go in any number of directions. There is the potential for either Bray Wyatt or McIntyre to challenge one-on-one for the title, or maybe even have a triple threat match involving all three Superstars.

While there is also always the prospect of a cash-in by The Miz, as was teased here. This obviously calls back Miz cashing in his first Money In The Bank briefcase against The Viper 10 years ago on Raw. On that occasion Miz was successful, winning the WWE Championship.

There is also the possibility that Miz could challenge for the Universal Championship currently held by Roman Reigns, although that appears less likely. With Reigns potentially heading towards a Wrestlemania showdown with The Rock.