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The Miz On Overcoming Lack Of Confidence

The Miz

The Miz has opened up about his lack of confidence when he was WWE Champion a decade ago, and also how he has now overcome that to become the versatile performer he is today.

Speaking to The Wrap, Miz discussed how he used to second guess himself and compare what he was doing to other WWE Superstars such as Randy Orton and John Cena. However, he says he now understands that everyone is one of a kind and that it’s fine for him to do his own thing.

“I used to be, like: ‘Well, Cena doesn’t ever do that. Orton doesn’t ever do that. I used to do this a lot. Now, I kind of understand. I don’t want this to sound arrogant or egotistical but I’m one of a kind. We’re all one of a kind. And just because one person doesn’t do something or another person doesn’t do this or do this or do this — doesn’t mean I can’t.”

He went on to say that a lack of confidence affected him back when he was WWE Champion in 2010.

“Even when I was WWE Champion, I didn’t have the confidence I have today.”

However, the current Mr. Money in the Bank now believes himself to be a very versatile performer who can veer from goofy to serious depending on what the situation calls for.

I’m very versatile, where I can make you laugh, but I also can make you believe that I can whoop any single person that is in that ring at any given time. There’s a balance. I’m able to understand that balance, give that balance, and whenever I am in a serious type of situation, I’m able to make you understand that it’s serious to me. Just because I’m joking around, making you laugh, being a goof, does not mean I don’t have a serious side.”

Miz has shown his versatility recently in his ongoing struggles with recording artist Bad Bunny. The rivalry began at the Royal Rumble when Bad Bunny rejected the idea of a musical collaboration with Miz and John Morrison, this led to Miz trashing the Puerto Rican’s equipment on the Royal Rumble set.

It has now been reported that Bad Bunny has been training at the WWE Performance Centre, so we could well be seeing a match between the two at WrestleMania 37.