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The Miz – “I Don’t Think MJF Wants To Be Me”

The Miz MJF

Former WWE Champion The Miz has discussed AEW star MJF after the brash upstart was compared to the Hollywood A-Lister in a memorable moment by CM Punk.

MJF and CM Punk have clashed over recent weeks ever since Punk interrupted the leader of The Pinnacle and then refused to shake his hand. The war of words ratcheted up with MJF alluding to Punk’s past in WWE and Punk finding any way to verbally browbeat his adversary that he can find.

It was with that in mind that during a memorable verbal altercation between the two men that CM Punk called MJF “a less famous Miz.”

Now the real Miz has commented on the rise and rise of MJF in an appearance on the Ringer Wrestling podcast, and says he’s sure MJF wants to be seen as his own man:

“I don’t think he wants to be The Miz, to be honest. I don’t think any superstar, no matter what company you’re in, wants to be the next ‘this person.’ You want to be an original. There are comparisons. I’ve always been compared to, I was compared to Jericho for a while, I was compared to Ric Flair for a while. I don’t want to be compared. I want to be an originator.”

“You take things. When you’re learning and coming up, you see things that you like out of certain superstars and are like, ‘Oh, I’ll use that, sprinkle of that, sprinkle of this’ as an homage. In a sense, you want to be an original. I don’t think he wants to be the next Miz, I think he wants to be the first him.”

The Miz then adds that there’s a startling gulf between what he was doing and what MJF is doing in the wrestling world at the tender age of 25:

“Honestly, he’s doing a great job at it. 25 years old. When I was 25 years old, I was still in developmental and Deep South Wrestling and still learning the trade. I wasn’t putting on matches on national television and putting together memorable promos that people talk about. I wasn’t doing that. Applaud to him.”

The Miz will have his hands full come the Royal Rumble as he and his wife Maryse will compete against the WWE Hall Of Fame husband and wife team of Edge and Beth Phoenix.

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