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The Miz Describes Winning The WWE Title As “A Perfect Storm”

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The Miz shocked the wrestling world by winning the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber, and now the new champion has spoken of the confidence that his recent win has given him.

Speaking to CBS Sports, Miz described his victory as a “perfect storm” before revealing that it was his desire to not be a one-hit wonder, that drove him to becoming WWE Champion once again.

“It feels like a perfect storm that ended up with me with the WWE championship,” Mizanin said. “Any time that you can be the guy that is trusted to hold the most coveted title in WWE and be the face of the company, that just means the world to us. That’s what we fight for. That’s why we are here each and every week. Granted, we’re here to entertain our audience, but we have goals. My goal was always to get the WWE championship back. I didn’t want to be a one-hit wonder. I wanted the title again, and I wanted to showcase what I can do as a WWE champion. Now, here I sit before you as that person.”

The eight-time WWE Intercontinental Champion went into detail of how his failures throughout his career have taught him more than his successes, adding that his championship win has given him a new confidence.

“Now, I have the confidence. I had confidence 10 years ago, but the knowledge I’ve learned through my failures — I always say my failures taught me more than all of my successes. Through all my failures and successes, I’ve been able to learn and absorb what I needed to get back to where I am today. Now, I am happy, confident, ready and well-prepared. I just want to make sure that everybody knows that every time Raw comes on the air, it is the most must-see show and that things are happening and there are times you won’t know what is happening, but you want to see what happens next. That’s what makes a great show awesome.”

Following winning back the WWE Championship Miz has also been reflecting on his first world title victory ten years ago. Speaking exclusively with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes and SPORF Miz recalled how “nobody in the locker room” wanted him to have the company’s top prize, adding that his social media was “literally all negativity. 100 percent. Nobody respected me, nobody liked me…”

The Miz is set to defend his newly won WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley on the upcoming March 1st edition of Monday Night RAW.