“He’s His Own Person” – The Miz Addresses Comparisons To NXT Star

The Miz makes an entrance

From the way he carries himself to his in-ring style, The Miz can’t be compared to many – but he was to this NXT Superstar!

The Miz has transcended the role of a heel WWE Superstar through his near two decades spent with WWE, going so far as to be crowned the 2011 Most Hated Wrestler of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. ‘The A-Lister’ is perceived as a top WWE Superstar because of this, with many struggling to even come close to his skill level.

However, one NXT prospect has been linked to The Miz since making their debut in the brand. Essentially a modernised version of The Miz in-ring-wise, Grayson Waller is often correlated to the two-time WWE Champion for their similar levels of cockiness.

The Miz addressed these comparisons on the latest WWE’s The Bump, where he was a co-guest alongside Grayson Waller. Though he doesn’t see the similarities himself, he can appreciate the value of Grayson as a performer:

“I look at Grayson Waller as an originator. I don’t see the comparisons between myself and him. He’s his own character, he’s his own person. He’s confident, he’s agile, athletic, he’s everything you want in a main event WWE Superstar. I think he’s doing exactly what he needs to do to propel himself to even bigger superstardom.”

Signed to WWE in March 2021 after a successful Oceanic career as Matty Wahlberg, Grayson Waller has wowed audiences with his flashy, exuberant style. He’s been involved in a number of marquee matches and segments since then, assaulting Johnny Gargano in his final NXT appearance last December, and wrestling AJ Styles in a rare Raw vs. NXT collision.

Waller last wrestled Oro Mensah, the former Oliver Carter, on NXT’s 20 September broadcast.

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