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The Miz And Maryse Producing ‘Brawl In The Family’ Game Show

The Miz and Maryse Thumb

Former WWE Champion, The Miz, is set to develop and produce a brand new game show alongside his wife, Maryse, and WWE Studios.

Speaking to Virtual Equality Lounge at Advertising Week 2020, the decorated WWE Superstar talked at length about the projects he’s currently working on and his new WWE Studios game show, Brawl in the Family:

“We’re developing a game show with WWE Studios called ‘Brawl in the Family.’ I’ll never forget my wife and I talking like, ‘We need to get more stuff out there. This is the time to do something.’ We sat down one day and created a game show. We called [WWE Studios Executive] Susan Levison and said, ‘What do you think of this?’ She said, ‘Not only is this good, let me put you in contact with people who can fine-tune it.’ This is what WWE pays close attention to; the details. The details in making something a success. That’s what Susan did. We were able to tell people what we thought the game show should be, develop the game show, and now we have a sizzle that we can look at and go, ‘this is something that needs to be on television.’ As a kid, it has everything I love in a game show. I love ‘Double Dare’ and ‘Legends of the Hidden Temple’ and ‘Family Feud.’ I love ‘The Challenge,’ I was on ‘The Challenge,’ and we took a little bit of everything, combined it into one massive, incredible game show that I think the masses are going to love and it’ll be something that will change the landscape of game shows.”

Of course, this isn’t Miz’s first foray into entertainment outside the squared circle. Not only has been the mainstay of WWE Studios’ movie franchise, The Marine, but he currently stars in the reality show Miz and Mrs as well as hosting the game show, Cannonball.

It is unknown whether Brawl in the Family will be launched on cable television or the award winning WWE Network.

Currently on WWE television, The Miz is embroiled in a feud with Otis over the Money in the Bank briefcase and tomorrow night will take The Heavy Machinery member to court in the hopes of claiming the briefcase as his own.