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The McCarthy Report: RAW Underground Update, Kairi Sane WWE Deal & RVD Future

The McCarthy Report

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RAW Underground

Many fans were left confused when WWE didn’t air a RAW Underground segment this week, and there was little to no mention of the segment on the show.

Shane McMahon’s brainchild took a week off due to the Covid-19 outbreak at the Performance Center. Of course, the vast majority of those involved with RAW Underground and those that surround the ring area are based out of the PC.

It’s the same reason that Retribution have been off the show and even the extended stable of Retribution, if you will. The unnamed members of the group that sporadically appear are all believed to be NXT trainees. It’s better safe than sorry, and it seems like WWE made the right move there.

Kairi Sane

Former NXT Women’s Champion and Mae Young Classic winner Kairi Sane departed WWE back in July, but she has now revealed she will be remaining with WWE, but residing in Japan and working for the company from there.

What does that mean exactly? I’d heard before she committed to leaving that WWE wanted her to be their ambassador in Japan in potentially be the head trainer at a WWE training school, if not Japanese Performance Center. Judging by Sane’s tweet, that seems to be the route they are going down.

The 32-year-old isn’t officially retired and the door is open for her to perform in the future if all the stars align, but it seems like a win-win for Sane to be close to her family back home in Japan and remaining locked in with a lucrative WWE deal.

Rob Van Dam

It emerged last week that Rob Van Dam and his wife Katie Forbes have left IMPACT Wrestling.

RVD is, of course, a legend in the business and has been a top star in WWE, ECW and later TNA. Now, aged 49 and turning 50 in two months – the former WWE champion is a free agent.

His departure from IMPACT is a result of his storyline finishing up more than anything else but it’s not yet known if he has any major interest from AEW or WWE. It’s been rumoured that RVD has lost a lot of love for performing at the moment and wants to take a little break.

Whatever the case, here’s to hoping the original Mr. Monday Night gets some rest and finishes his career how he wants to.