‘The King Of Ultraviolence’ Nick Gage Arrives In AEW

Nick Gage

‘The King Of Ultraviolence’ Nick Gage has arrived in AEW.

On night two of Fyter Fest Chris Jericho took on Shawn Spears in a Chairs Match. The stipulation was such that Spears was able to use a chair but Jericho wasn’t. The match was the first in a series of ‘Labours of Jericho’ as instigated by Jericho’s bitter rival MJF.

After Jericho shocking kicked out of the C4, the veteran managed to reverse Spears sending him into a chair set up in the corner. As Spears sought to regain his composure, the former AEW World Champion hit the Judas Effect back elbow to pick up the win. However, the action wasn’t done quite yet.

MJF quickly arrived on the ramp announcing that Jericho’s next match would be No Disqualification match. Not only that, that match would be against Death Match specialist Nick Gage, who appeared to a huge reaction from the crowd.

If Jericho is successful in the ‘Labours of Jericho’ he will earn a match against MJF.

Jericho will face Gage on the July 28th episode of Dynamite.

Indie-wrestling stalwart Gage came to national prominence in 2018 for a Death Match held between himself and actor David Arquette.

Gage faced Arquette as the most unlikely WCW Champion in history returned to wrestling in 2018. Arquette challenged Gage for the GCW World Title at Joey Janela’s LA Confidential in November of that year.

Cameras were there filming for Arquette’s documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette and what happened during the match with Gage became one of that film’s key talking points.

The two men met in a death match which suited Nick Gage, with Arquette getting cut in a planned spot. However, immediately something was very apparently wrong and Arquette clamped his hand to his neck to stem the flow of blood. The incident made headlines in the wrestling world and beyond, with Arquette going to the hospital and then thankfully recovering.
Gage is set to defend the GCW World Title against Matt Cardona at GCW Homecoming on July 24.