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The Kat Recalls Topless Incident At Armageddon 1999

The Kat Miss Kitty

Former WWE Diva The Kat shares whether she knew in advance whether she’d be baring all at Armageddon 1999, and what the reaction was to the infamous spot!

While the main event of Armageddon 1999 featured a bout between Triple H and his enraged father-in-law Vince McMahon, it’s perhaps most infamous for an incident that occurred after the Four Corners Evening Gown Pool Match for the WWF Women’s Championship.

Going into the bout, Ivory looked to defend her championship against The Kat (who was then known as Miss Kitty), Jacqueline, and BB in a match that would see each competitor eliminated as she was stripped of her clothing. To add to to the chaos, the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young served as special guest referees.

In the end, the match came down to Ivory and Miss Kitty, and Ivory was defeated when The Kat stripped her of her dress. Celebrating her victory, the then-wife of Jerry Lawler took to the microphone to celebrate her victory, saying that she’d told everyone that she’d win the championship and she did – but that she knew the crowd had come to see her get naked. She also made it clear that the company had forced her to wear underwear for the bout.

She then proceeded to take off her dress, much to the delight of her husband on commentary. However, the celebration didn’t end there as the new champion also removed her bra in full view of the camera and the audience in attendance. The Kat was quickly covered up by Sergeant Slaughter, but not before everyone got a full view.

Speaking to Ring the Belle, The Kat recalled the incident and laughed that she’s now responsible for the company needing to use the ‘N’ for nudity on every pay-per-view going forward. When asked if she knew that she’d be exposed to the world, The Kat explained that the situation didn’t exactly go as planned.

“No no no, let’s go back. So we’re at the very back of the building in the arena, back by the stage where the ramp, where everybody goes down away from the ring. So what was supposed to happen was I was supposed to turn around where I did it, but the camera was supposed to be to my back, and so I would always be like this [turns around] to the fans, and I would do this [mimics taking off her shirt], and only people way up in the top would see me. And then Sarge was supposed to come in with a towel.

“And when I ran back and he grabbed me and he put the towel around me I said ‘Sarge, did that just happen?’ He goes, ‘Yes it did, Kitty.’ [laughs]”

When asked about the backstage reaction to the incident, The Kat laughed and said she received full support from the locker room.

“I got a standing ovation when I went to the back, all the boys stood up and everybody was cheering.”

The Kat was then asked what she thought about the segment today, and while she doesn’t regret it, she doesn’t believe something like that would be acceptable in the current WWE landscape.

“Oh, that would never happen now. It’s too PG-13 now, and that’s ok if that’s the target audience you want to go to, but my character type isn’t what they’re doing now. So I don’t think that would ever happen again.”

The Kat worked for WWE until she was released in 2001, and her exit also sparked Jerry Lawler to quit as an act of protest. Jim Ross has spoken in the past about wanting to challenge Vince McMahon’s edict to fire her immediately following a creative dispute, but that he had to follow the boss’ orders.

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