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The IIconics On The Hilarious In-Ring Challenge They Were Set By Big E

The IIconics

The former IIconics Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay have discussed the funniest moment in one of their matches and it all came from a dare from New Day’s Big E.

The former Peyton Royce [Cassie] and Billie Kay [Jessie] were discussing their relationship with Big E and revealed that the pair and the former Intercontinental Champion used to set each other challenges to complete either during their matches or entrances.

Jessie described one particular challenge on the duo’s Off Her Chops podcast that left Lana sandwiched in an imaginary boat between the pair.

Jessie explained:

“[Big E] is such a good person and wants you to be a better person. He is a dear friend of ours, and on tour, we just like to pop each other and we came up with a game. We would have a challenge for him and he would have a challenge for us. We had to do it out there in the match or the entrance. He was in The New Day back then, but he wouldn’t tell Kofi or Woods.”

“We kept score and recently Woods texted us the score count, we were like ‘Wow this is amazing.’ But one time he had challenged us, and we took this very seriously, to do a row the boat in the middle of the match. We said ‘Sir, challenge accepted.'”

Jessie then recalled that she and Cassie took up the challenge in a tag team match where one of the opponents was the unfortunate Lana.

Jessie continued:

“It was just a regular tag. I want to say it was against Naomi and Lana. I only remember Lana but I don’t remember who her partner was. So I tag you in, and I think I had put Lana on the ground with a snapmare. I tagged you in and I said to Lana ‘Stay there.’ I tag you in, you go behind her, I just plop down in front and we start rowing the boat.”

“She was like ‘What do I do?’ and I said ‘Just sit down.’ And we are dying with laughter. Bless her heart, thank God she stood there. But afterward, he [Big E] was like ‘I didn’t know you were going to sandwich her!’ He gave us bonus points for having someone in the boat with us.”

Cassie then added after the story that not everybody was enamoured with the pair’s antics with a former WWE Champion even letting them know he wasn’t thrilled with what he’d seen.

Cassie said:

“And then we got not scalded but Daniel Bryan wasn’t happy with us. We said sorry, we’ll take it a bit more seriously. But the guys would do more ridiculous challenges and we would get called out for a single rowboat.”

The former IIconics will be IIconics no more after it was reported that the pair have applied for a trademark for a new tag team name.

Credit: Off Her Chops

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