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The Hurt Business Loses Two Members, Seemingly Gains A New One

The Hurt Business

The Hurt Business imploded on Monday Night RAW as WWE Champion Bobby Lashley kicked Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin out of the faction to start this week’s show. However, the end of the show seemingly saw King Corbin join Lashley and MVP.

This week’s episode of RAW started with a seemingly unified Hurt Business marching to the ring, before Lashley and MVP reiterated last week’s offer to the WWE locker room – remove Drew McIntyre from the equation at WrestleMania and you’ll take the Scottish Warrior’s place.

MVP, however, would recall the failure of Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin to do just that, saying the former RAW Tag Team Champions have tarnished the legacy of The Hurt Business. Following the pair’s rebuttal, Lashley laid waste to both Alexander and Benjamin.

All speculation was put to bed when Alexander and Benjamin demanded payback on Lashley, with Shelton Benjamin being granted a singles match with the WWE Champion.

Lashley dominated Benjamin in their singles match, showing no signs of hesitation when pummeling his former faction-mate. The WWE Champion made Benjamin tap out to the Hurt Luck, but didn’t let go, making his former Hurt Business partner pass out.

Later in the show, McIntyre got frustrated that no-one had taken up the offer of Lashley and MVP and started calling out, and laying waste to, several WWE Superstars. The man who would step up eventually was Ricochet, with two-time WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defeating him in quick fashion. Ali then attacked McIntyre to suffer the same fate.

After McIntyre got the better of Lashley in a short post-match brawl, King Corbin would attack McIntyre, with MVP proclaiming, “This is The Hurt Business” – suggesting that Baron Corbin is the faction’s newest member.

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