The Hurricane Reveals Plans For Mike Awesome To Join The Hurri-League

The Hurricane Thumb

Shane ‘Hurricane’ Helms has revealed that he originally pitched for Mike Awesome to join his superhero Hurri-League faction in 2001.

When the WCW/ECW invasion of the WWF came to a close in 2001, one of the stars that made the best of the switch to a new brand was Helms who created the uber-popular Hurricane character. With his green cape and Robin-esc mask, Helms captured the hearts and minds of everyone.

Adding to his ranks, the superhero paired with Molly Holly – who promptly donned a pink and black suit as Mighty Molly – but also looked to build an entire squad of heroic grapplers from those who the company had no other plans for.

Taking to Twitter, the former WWE European Champion, revealed that he pitched Mike Awesome as a member of the team under the label, ‘Captain Awesome’, writing:

“I once pitched for Mike Awesome to be a member of The Hurri-League. My idea was that I’d constantly refer to him as Captain Awesome, which would drive him crazy until he eventually either went along with it or just completely snapped.”

However, the plan never went ahead and when Helms was asked why the company rejected the idea, he revealed that the plan wasn’t actually rejected but set-aside for another idea which would pair him and Lance Storm as a duo. Unfortunately the pairing never came to fruition:

“It wasn’t really turned down. Lance and I kept teaming and it just got put to the side. They were trying a lot of different stuff with the WCW guys. It was sink or swim. If you didn’t get over and get over quickly, they moved on. The most stacked roster ever.”