The Hunt Revealed As Mystery Assailants

The Hunt Thumb

During Thursday night’s edition of NXT UK, The Hunt were unveiled as the mystery attackers of Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster.

During the special mediation session partially hosted by Eddie Dennis, ‘The Swansea Savant’ attempted to turn Webster on his partner by suggesting that Andrews had most to lose if Flash broke out as a singles competitor.

Though it looked for a moment as though Dennis had succeeded, South Wales Subculture stood strong and were soon confronted by Pretty Deadly who have aligned themselves with the former Progress Unified World Heavyweight Champion in recent weeks.

However, there was a twist in the tale. As Wild Boar and Primate joined Andrews and Webster in the middle of the ring for what everyone presumed would be gang warfare, Dennis reminded them of something he’d told them earlier in the segment.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

On cue, The Hunt turned on their former allies and forced Andrews to watch as they dismantled ‘The MOD Father’ with a death valley sit-out powerbomb. Mike Hitchman and Jay Melrose then joined Eddie Dennis as the former Headmaster shaped his newest vision for NXT UK.

In hindsight, The Hunt were clear prime suspects even if we hoped for something a little more complex in resolution. They were present when Mark Andrews was ambushed earlier this year and first on the scene when Webster was taken out a few weeks ago.

South Wales Subculture vs. Eddie Dennis’ newest faction will help make the relaunch of NXT UK stand out and it’ll be fascinating to see whether they stand against the firm or align in the months to come.

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