The Great Muta Returns At Misawa Memorial Show


Keiji Mutoh’s demonic alter-ego, The Great Muta, made his return to Pro Wrestling NOAH at the Mitusharu Misawa memorial show on June 13th.

Having recently dropped the GHC Heavyweight Championship to Naomichi Marufuji at CyberFight Festival 2021, it had been speculated that the veteran’s darker side had been seeking an opponent.

It would appear that the unlucky soul is that of former GHC National Champion Kenoh, who having soundly beaten Masao Inoue with the PFS (Professional Foot Stomp), had his post-match interview cut short by the returning Muta.

With Muta appearing behind him, the Kongoh frontman was too slow to notice the veteran’s arrival, turning into Muta’s trademark Green Mist, which sent him writhing in pain to the outside.

Muta followed this up by spitting Red Mist at the drone camera, punctuating an impressive return.

Backstage, a green-faced Kenoh angrily agreed to a match with the veteran at NOAH’s June 27th show, ‘Muta the World’.

Elsewhere on the show, many of Misawa’s former colleagues and disciples were in action, including Yoshinari Ogawa, who defeated Kaito Kiyomiya by pinfall.

Misawa’s long-time rival Kenta Kobashi was on hand to provide guest commentary, whilst New Japan’s KENTA appeared as part of a video package, where he spoke about his relationship with the late, great founder of Pro Wrestling NOAH.

With thanks to NOAH’S ARKIVE / Hi5ame.