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The Great Khali Boldly Claims He Could Defeat Roman Reigns

The Great Khali & Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns might be one of the most dominant champions in recent WWE history, but the Tribal Chief holds no fear for The Great Khali.

On April 3rd on the second night of WrestleMania 38, Roman Reigns will step into the ring with Brock Lesnar with both the WWE and Universal Championship’s on the line.

As of March 24th, Reigns stands as the longest reigning Universal Champion in history, holding the title for 571 days and counting. During that period, the Head of the Table has defeated former World Champions and Hall of Famers, sometimes even in the same match.

However, when you’re seven-feet tall, hold a win over The Undertaker and have a World Heavyweight Title reign on your CV, does any of that really matter?

Although Khali and Reigns have never clashed in the ring one-on-one, with their only meeting coming in a tag team match in 2013, the Indian star says if they did, there would only be one winner.

Speaking with WWE India, Khali said that seeing as he’s beaten The Undertaker, there’s no way Reigns would even stand a chance.

“Yes, me. The Great Khali. See, if I can beat The Undertaker, does Roman Reigns even stand a chance?”

After stints in New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Japan and CMLL, The Great Khali signed with WWE in January 2006. After spending a handful of months in developmental territory, Deep South Wrestling, Khali arrived on SmackDown in April. The giant star attacked The Undertaker on debut leaving him laying. This set up a rivalry between the pair which would run all the way to SummerSlam.

After a switch to ECW, Khali eventually made his way back to SmackDown as part of the 2007 Draft. After Edge was forced to relinquish the World Championship due to injury, Khali won a Battle Royal on the July 20th edition of SmackDown to claim the World Heavyweight Championship.

However, Khali would lose the championship to Batista at Unforgiven that September.

Through late 2008 and into 2009, Khali adopted a more fun-loving persona, (Something he’s continued onto his social media) being dubbed The Punjabi Playboy.

The Great Khali left WWE in November 2017 with the expiry of his contract, although he has sporadically appeared since. The former World Champion was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.