The Great Khali Allegedly Assaults Toll Worker, Khali Responds

The Great Khali

The Great Khali has claimed that he was on the receiving end of “racist comments” after he allegedly slapped a toll worker.

According to The Tribune India, The Great Khali stands accused of slapping a toll worker in Ludhiana, after what was described as a “heated argument.”

In a video clip of the incident, Khali is seen arguing with some toll workers. One of workers can be heard asking Khali why he slapped his colleague. It should be noted that at no point in the video can Khali be seen slapping anyone.

“You were asked to show your ID card, show the ID card,” the toll employee tells Khali to which he replies, “You are blackmailing me”. The employee then says, “We are not blackmailing you. Why did you slap him? Show the ID card if you have it.”

Khali replied, “I do not have an ID card,”

During the incident a barrier was placed in front of Khali’s car to prevent him from leaving, but the WWE Hall of Famer got out of his vehicle and removed it.

A police official later confirmed that no complaint had been lodged by either side.

The Great Khali posted a video on social media after the incident claiming that the argument came after he denied the worker a selfie, in response, Khali alleged that the employee made “racist comments” and used “bad words.”

“Hello Friends. Yesterday while going to karnal, toll tax employee of Phillaur stopped my car and misbehaved for selfie. When I denied selfie, he ruthlessly passed racist comments also used bad words.”

The Great Khali hasn’t wrestled since appearing in the Greatest Royal Rumble back in 2018. Khali signed with WWE in 2006, going on to win the World Heavyweight Championship. The star was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.