The Good Brothers Were Offered Their Own WWE Podcast

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The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and DOC Gallows, have lifted the lid on their WWE exit and the podcast they were offered prior to their departure.

Anderson and Gallows had been a mainstay on WWE television for four years, beginning and ending their tenure alongside AJ Styles who they had made names for themselves with in Japan. In April 2020, the pair were released from the company as part of the talent exodus to cut costs after mixed success.

Now, The Good Brothers and IMPACT Wrestling stars have joined The Cut Pro Wrestling Podcast to discuss their exit from the company and the podcast they were offered prior to their farewell. Beginning with DOC Gallows, the artist formerly known as Festus had this to say:

“The truth of it is, WWE came to us and said they were going to have a podcast network and ‘we want to have [Corey] Graves, The New Day and you guys’ and we were like ‘Ehh, it’s not the same.’ Aside from not liking the business offer on it. It’s not the same. It’s not Talkin’ Shop without [Rocky Romero] so we declined the offer on it. Then the pandemic started and we said, ‘Let’s just do it [ourselves] and see if it catches on that we’re actually doing it.’ Fast forward four weeks later we are out of WWE and now this thing takes on a life of its own and now here we are doing our second PPV in over a few months’ span. It’s been pretty damn cool.”

Karl Anderson added to the story and revealed his own, unique reaction to WWE’s proposition which included wine, a hotel room and more money than the company were willing to offer:

“WWE pulled us aside and said, ‘We want you to do a podcast. We will set you up in a room before RAW and we will have guests for you’ and we looked at them and said ‘Nah, f–k that.’ [We responded with] ‘If you want us, you have to come to the hotel at 10:30 pm on the road, set everybody up with some wine and then we’ll do it’ and they agreed. Then they told us the money they wanted us to do it for and we were like, ‘Nope, we are out. Podcasting ain’t that fun.’”

The pair’s Talkin’ Shop show has been a major success, gaining pay-per-view subscriptions and becoming more than just another podcast on some platform. It has included stars most shows could only dream of getting and been spun-off into annual wrestling shows.

DOC Gallows spoke about how quickly the idea developed and grew into an indie phenomenon:

“It was a cold call. I had this brainchild and I got on the phone with Mike Weber from Fight TV, who has been great to us. I have known Mike for years and he has been in the wrestling business for 30 years and to be honest, the pandemic helped us in all this because I don’t know how you would pitch this, especially to the traditional PPV companies. Everybody was dying for content so they were like “it sounds pretty out there I don’t know about the concept but you guys were a proven entity we know that you guys can draw so let’s try it. I think they were thinking they were getting more of a traditional wrestling PPV. So, when we are sending content over and teasers on social media with Sex Ferguson and a Boner Yard match and guys training for a boner yard match. We are drinking and screaming fuck at each other and I think they thought “oh No.”. But luckily people bought in on it, got a good buy rate on it, and made some cash, we did a second one and here we are.”

The Good Brothers made their IMPACT Wrestling debut at the company’s Slammiversary event, saving Eddie Edwards from a mauling at the hands of Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Their presence had a knock on effect on the entire doubles division and gained the attention of champions, The North.

At IMPACT Wrestling: Turning Point on November 14, Anderson and Gallows best their rivals to lift the IMPACT Tag Team Championships.

Credit for the interview: Cut Pro Wrestling Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Fightful