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The Godfather Reveals Vince McMahon Punished Him By Making Him Lose To Triple H In 1 Minute

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WWE Hall Of Famer The Godfather has revealed that his punishment for daring to question WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was a one-minute loss on TV to Triple H.

The Godfather was a hugely loved part of the Attitude Era with his antics and endless stream of beautiful women proving a hit with the WWE audience at the time.

Speaking to fellow WWE Hall Of Famers JBL and Gerald Brisco on Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw, the real-life Charles Wright revealed one particular instance when he was shown no love by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon after complaining that he wasn’t going to be featured on TV:

“I go in there and talk to Vince. I explain my side to Vince. He goes, ‘You know, Charles, sometimes it’s better not to be on TV than it is to be on TV.’ But I don’t [want to] hear that – I don’t hear that.”

“‘Once again, Charles, sometimes it’s better not to be on TV than it is to be on TV.’ Don’t wanna hear it. ‘Okay, okay, I’ll put you on TV. You want me to put you on TV? I’ll put you on TV.’ So the new card comes up, right? Godfather, Triple H, no hoes, one minute.”

The match between Triple H and The Godfather aired on the 21st of March 1999 edition of Sunday Night Heat, a show that also saw Dr. Death Steve Williams defeat The Hardy Boyz in a handicap match.

Although the match was short, the teasing The Godfather received from his travelling companions Ron Simmons and JBL was anything but with JBL adding:

“We’re driving to the next town and the whole way Ron, out of the blue, would go, ‘What does every dog need?’ I go, ‘Pedigree [laughs]?’”

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