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The Godfather Reveals Why He Threw A Guy Out Of A Second Storey Window

The Godfather

WWE Hall Of Famer The Godfather has revealed the reason why he had to throw someone from a second-storey window.

The Godfather is one of the most beloved characters in WWE history, making a name for himself during the Attitude Era as the company pushed the boundaries. Accompanied by a plethora of beautiful women, the former Papa Shango captured the Intercontinental Title during his heyday.

The former Nation Of Domination member joined fellow WWE Hall Of Famers JBL and Gerald Brisco on their Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw where he shared the extraordinary story of how he had to throw someone out of a window:

“We’re playing dominoes in one of the dorm rooms I was in right and I’m on the third floor, they’re on the second floor. So we’re being loud, it’s a school night so somebody calls my room, tells me to be quiet. They call my room again, tell me to be quiet, I’m like ‘listen, MF’er you call me one more time I’m gonna come down there and beat your ass’ and hang up the phone.”

“All of a sudden I get one more call and then somebody’s like ‘listen you black son of a b*tch if you don’t turn that music down I’m gonna come up there and kick your black ass’ and this and that. I stormed down there to the guy’s room, kicked down the door, mugged him a little bit and it was a screen door with a little patio, I threw him through the screen door as hard as I could and he went over the balcony to the ground.”

“So now it’s getting crazy oh man, I go to my room and I find out that it wasn’t the guy that called me. The guy that called me was Charles Man, he had snuck out of the room. They were playing a rib on me not thinking I was gonna go down there and do that. Can you imagine being the guy in that room, all of a sudden this big, black guy comes busting through the door, mugging you up? Anyway, that got me thrown out of the dorms.”

The Godfather also recently discussed coming face to face with Vince McMahon and his family while riding inside an elevator packed full of weed smoke and McMahon’s priceless reaction.

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