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The Godfather Recalls The Rock Telling Him They Couldn’t Ride Together After Cannabis Incident

The Godfather lighting a cigar

WWE Hall Of Famer The Godfather has revealed that The Rock told him he had to stop travelling with him due to Godfather’s penchant for pot.

The Rock and The Godfather were joined together when the third-generation superstar turned his back on the fans that had chanted “Die Rocky Die” and joined the Nation Of Domination.

Put together on-screen, the men were also together off-screen riding the highways and byways of the US as they toured with WWE. However, speaking on the It’s My Wrestling Podcast, The Godfather revealed Rock let him know they had to stop riding together because of Godfather’s habit of blazing up a joint in the car:

“I smoke a lot of cannabis and always have. I’ve never hidden that fact and it was nice to be on TV letting people know. And of course, I would get in the car the first thing I would do is I’d spark up a joint.”

“The Rock would do a lot of interviews and appearances, and he’d show up there like, ‘We didn’t know you smoked weed.’ He goes, ‘I don’t smoke weed.’ ‘You said that last time we saw you but every time we see you smell like weed!’ He’s like, ‘I can’t ride with you!'”

It was during his time with the Nation Of Domination that The Great One found his inimitable voice and persona that would carry him to superstardom both in and out of the wrestling ring.

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