The Godfather Recalls Recruiting Strip Club Dancers With The Undertaker

The Godfather & The Undertaker

The Godfather has recalled how trips to strip clubs with The Undertaker took on ever increasing importance as his on-screen character became more popular.

While the image of The Godfather and The Undertaker in a strip club might seem like something from a low-rent buddy cop movie, apparently it there was a time where it wasn’t an uncommon sight.

Speaking in a new interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, The Godfather reflected on his often surreal Hall of Fame career. The most famous part of which included him playing the character of a pimp and being joined on television by an array of beautiful women referred to as “ho’s.” During the Attitude Era, the spectacularly non-PC act got hugely over with the crowd, taking Godfather’s popularity to incredible heights.

During the conversation, The Godfather recalled the early days of the character, and how he and good friend The Undertaker were dispatched to America’s strip clubs in order to find women to join him in the ring.

“Vince says, ‘Charles, you think you can go get some girls?’ I’m like, ‘Vince are you joking? You know me, Taker and me are in strip clubs every night. We know every strip club, we know every girl.’ So I grab Undertaker, you know, I grab Mark and we go down to a strip club,” he said. “This is during the day and we grabbed three or four girls. We take them back with us to the WWE or WWF, whatever it was at the time.

“And they signed them to a thing and they paid them and we take them on TV and they don’t ask me anything. They basically say, do what you do. I basically did the same show I was doing with John but we did that with girls.”

As the character took off, the former Intercontinental Champion said that he was being stopped by fans at the airport who wanted to know where his ho’s were. He added that recruitment duties were later taken over by Bruce Prichard.

They used to close a lot of strip clubs and me and him would stay there. It wasn’t hard, here’s the thing after the first time we did it, it was such a hit with the people that Vince took it over. And then Bruce Prichard, it was his job to get the girls.

“He would just call a strip club and they would send girls. Yeah, it got over so fast that strip clubs would call the WWE and say, ‘hey you’re in Connecticut, you’re wherever, we would love to supply the girls’. They paid the girls good too. And then what happened, the girls, the strip club girls were getting so crazy with no help from me.

“They were getting so crazy while on TV. So Vince was like, ‘we need to back off of these strippers for a bit’. So we started getting actresses. Let me tell you, something brother, they were worse than the strippers. The actresses were worse than the strippers.”

The Godfather and The Undertaker have been friends for a number of years, with both men being part of the backstage group known as BSK. Speaking elsewhere, Godfather recalled sneaking off to smoke marijuana in one of The Undertaker’s caskets back in the 1990’s.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.