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The Godfather Admits He Smoked Marijuana In The Undertaker’s Coffin

The Godfather lighting a cigar

The Godfather has admitted that he once found himself searching for the perfect place to blaze one up only to find that place was The Undertaker’s casket.

The WWE Hall Of Famer competed in WWE for several years from the early nineties until the dying embers of the Attitude Era burnt out. Originally competing as the mystical Papa Shango, Charles Wright is best remembered as The Godfather, the conductor of one of wrestling’s most famous trains.

Speaking on D-Von Dudley’s Table Talk podcast, the former Intercontinental Champion told an incredible story of finding the only place he could smoke weed on one occasion involved taking a trip to the dark side:

“One time, man, I had to smoke and I couldn’t…I couldn’t find a place. I swear this is true. I had a one-hitter – we used to call them one-hitter quitters – and I jumped in the coffin [pretends to smoke], then I popped out of the coffin. I swear it, I swear that’s true… I smoked in the coffin.”

The Godfather and Undertaker have been friends for many years and were both part of the backstage group known as BSK. Godfather also revealed that he was advised by The Undertaker to take a hiatus from the company in 1993 when he kept finding himself getting into trouble in his personal life:

“‘Taker actually came to me and he was like, ‘Hey, bro, you might need to go home,'” The Godfather said. “And so we let Vince [WWE Chairman Vince McMahon] know, and he didn’t just beat me, beat me, beat me, beat me, but they let me slowly go because I was just in a bad, bad place, really bad place.”

Thankfully for the legions of The Godfather’s fans, he soon made his return to the World Wrestling Federation in January 1995 as Kama The Supreme Fighting Machine.

h/t Sportskeeda