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The Godfather Says He Was “Done” When He Became The Goodfather

Right To Censor

The Godfather [Charles Wright] has discussed being forced to transition away from his fun-loving character into The Goodfather, saying he thought he was done.

Charles Wright has played no shortage of characters during his WWE Hall Of Fame career. First joining the company as Papa Shango, Wright transitioned into the Supreme Fighting Machine joining Ted DiBiase’s Million Dollar Corporation in the mid-nineties. Life in another faction began as Kama became Kame Mustafa in Faarooq’s rebooted Nation of Domination. From there, as that group dispersed Kama transformed into The Godfather – a fun-loving pimp that was never too far away from a horde of ladies.

A perfect fit for the Attitude Era, where nearly anything went, The Godfather character began to look out of place as WWE began the new millennium. With the FCC not letting WWE be, Vince McMahon created a pastiche of the Parents Television Council, another group that was publicly unhappy with some of WWE’s more mature presentations – the Right To Censor.

The RTC began when Steven Richards began trying to censor whatever he saw on WWE’s programming that he deemed unsuitable. Whether it be hardcore matches or scantily clad women. Soon The Godfather became The Goodfather and joined Richards along with Bull Buchanan, Val Venis, and Ivory in the group.

Speaking on That 90’s Wrestling Podcast, The Godfather discussed his character’s transition and says he had a big supporter in WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon.

The Godfather explained:

“Vince didn’t want to take it away, if Vince could’ve had, he’d have had me out there with the girls forever. Just times were changing man, back then times were already starting to change. He went public, we were no longer on cable, we were on network now and people are taking a closer look at what we’re doing and you know from the puppies, and the suck its, to Val Venis. I mean, I was calling girls hoes and talking about smoking weed. So I mean, I was a handful. Vince would tell me at TV ‘Yo Charles, I’m fighting for you I’m fighting for you.’ But it got to the point where I couldn’t be on Saturdays, or Sunday mornings, I couldn’t be on before 10 o’clock at night. I couldn’t say this, I couldn’t say this, the girls had to be covered it just got really stupid after a while, but yeah I wasn’t happy at all. I wasn’t, at that point, I was done.”

The Right To Censor group eventually split in the spring of 2001 with The Goodfather disappearing off of WWE TV for the latter half of the year. He returned as The Godfather at the 2002 Royal Rumble reprising the much-loved character before his departure from the company in December 2002.

Credit: That 90’s Wrestling Podcast

h/t Fightful for the transcription