The Godfather Reveals Heart-Warming Gift He Received From WWE Raw Star

The Godfather

The special 30th Anniversary edition of WWE Raw on January 23rd saw a host of legends and Hall of Famers make cameo appearances to mark the occasion.

One of the stars seen backstage was Charles Wright, who portrayed several characters including Papa Shango and later The Nation Of Domination’s Kama.

However, he is likely best remembered as the Attitude Era’s fun-loving pimp known as The Godfather, who, to the delight of Jerry Lawler, was always followed around by a horde of ladies from whichever city WWE was in that week.

It was as this character Wright made an appearance on Raw, acting as security for a poker game being held by Ron Simmons. The game was full of stars from past and present including the Good Brothers, Jimmy Hart, DDP, and Johnny Gargano.

Simmons’ old tag team partner in the APA, JBL, approached Godfather alongside Baron Corbin, but they weren’t allowed in since they didn’t appear on the guest list. However, that was nothing a little money from the Modern-Day Wrestling God couldn’t solve and after checking the list again, Wright and Simmons were all too happy to oblige.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the only gift Corbin gave Wright on the night.

Baron Corbin showed respect to The Godfather

Speaking on The Universal Wrestling Podcast, Godfather revealed that Baron Corbin presented a gift of Jack Daniel’s for him and The Undertaker, something the former Intercontinental Champion took as a sign of respect.

“That’s the first time I met this kid, right? Then we’re in the back, before we do the shoot, he comes and he hands me a bottle of Jack Daniels, man.

“And he goes, ‘Here, this is for you and Undertaker for later.’ And I’m like, ‘Dude, thank you, man.’ He showed that type of respect.”

H/T to eWrestlingNews for the above transcription.