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The Godfather Reveals Which WWE Superstar Wanted To Be “The Black Stone Cold”

The Godfather

WWE Hall Of Famer The Godfather has recalled former Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson telling management he thought he could be “the black Stone Cold.”

Ahmed Johnson was a member of the then-WWF roster from late 1995 until the spring of 1998. During that time Johnson won the WWF Intercontinental Title and formed an alliance with the WWF Champion of the day, Shawn Michaels.

Despite his status and popularity with fans Ahmed Johnson’s time in WWF stalled repeatedly due to injuries and his career petered out before he left the company.

Now a former stablemate of Johnson’s in the Nation Of Domination, The Godfather, has recalled Johnson thinking he could be at the very top of the company.

The Godfather discussed this with fellow WWE Hall Of Famers Gerald Brisco and JBL on their Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw show:

“I had a really good time in that group [Nation Of Domination] and became friends with everybody in that group, except Ahmed Johnson. I remember him going to Jerry just about the end of it, Jerry Brisco, and him telling Jerry, ‘I wanna be the black Stone Cold. I’m gonna be a black Stone Cold.’ Yeah, okay, you’re gonna be the black Stone Cold, all right.”

Brisco says he remembered the conversation with Johnson and says despite his abilities he didn’t believe Johnson had the mindset to succeed in the company:

“I remember it very clearly. You know, you look at the guy, he had the physical tools and everything that you require, but he just didn’t get it inside that squared circle. You could have all those imposing tools but unless you get it up here [mindset] too, you know, you’re not gonna go anywhere. ‘I’m Stone Cold, I can outdraw Stone Cold. Just give me that gimmick, I can do it.'”

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