The Fiend’s Entrance Theme Returns To Spotify

The Fiend WWE

The Fiend’s WWE theme song has returned to streaming service Spotify amid rumours of Bray Wyatt’s impending return to the company.

In recent weeks, wrestling fans have come to the conclusion that Bray Wyatt is set to return to WWE with several ‘White Rabbit’ teases made on WWE television. The teases pointing towards Wyatt’s return have been drip-fed and now fans have noticed something else that might point to his imminent comeback.

The Fiend’s WWE theme has returned to Spotify in recent days after WWE removed the song following Bray Wyatt’s release from the company in July 2021. The song can’t be searched for but is available to play and is part of playlists that it previously appeared on before its removal.

The latest QR code hinting at Wyatt’s return appeared on the 7th of October edition of Friday Night SmackDown. That code led fans to a video featuring Fifer pig and the most telling phrase of all that this is all for Bray Wyatt as a voice repeatedly stated “let me in.”

The Fiend’s WWE theme song was a remixed and darker version of Bray Wyatt’s original theme in the company entitled Live In Fear. That song was written by Mark Crozer formerly of The Jesus and Mary Chain. The English musician performed with his band Mark Crozer and The Rels as part of Wyatt’s entrance at WrestleMania 30.