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The Fiend Returns To Previous Character In Bizarre WrestleMania Match

The Fiend

WrestleMania Night 2 got off to a most bizarre start when Randy Orton didn’t face The Fiend in his newest form, with Bray Wyatt reverting back to the previous incarnation of the character.

After returning to WWE with a shocking new look, the latest incarnation of The Fiend didn’t stick around long enough to compete in a match – restoring himself to the previous version before taking on The Viper. The new attire hinted at in WWE Supercard renders did make an appearance prior to the restoration, with The Fiend walking through a tunnel and undergoing his transformation.

Alexa Bliss got the big entrance, though, before cranking the arm of an oversized version of the Jack-in-a-box we’ve saw her carry on Monday Night RAW over the past few weeks, to unleash the demon. The introduction nicely foreshadowed the ending of the bizarre encounter, though. After The Fiend leapt from the box to attack Orton, and some back and forth, Wyatt had The Viper in his vice ready to hit the Sister Abigail. Alexa Bliss then emerged from the box with a much more demonic look of her own – with black liquid raining down her face – and cost a distracted Fiend the match.

Raymond James Stadium then blacked out as The Fiend and Alexa Bliss’ eyes were locked. Just another twist in the tale that has seen Randy Orton set fire to The Fiend in a Firefly Inferno Match, Alexa Bliss shoot The Viper with a fireball causing him to cover his face with a mask the following week, and the 14-time WWE Champion vomit black blood and come face to face with a demonic version of himself.

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