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“The Coolest Part Was Not Beating Hogan” – Goldberg On His WCW Championship Victory

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Bill Goldberg has opened up about the night he first won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship from Hulk Hogan on WCW Monday Nitro.

Reigning as WCW United States Champion at the time after beating Raven for the strap on April 20, 1998, the time had come for the company to make their biggest gamble yet. Putting their top prize on the still green Goldberg less that one year after his debut.

Since running through Buddy Landel on WCW Saturday Night in June 1997 – where he made his official television debut for the company – and beginning his undefeated streak against Hugh Morrus on the September 22 WCW Monday Nitro, the powerhouse had captured the imaginations of everyone but between the ropes he still had a lot to prove.

Many thought that Goldberg vs. Hulk Hogan should have been saved for Starrcade or another major pay-per-view outing, but Eric Bischoff was adamant that the dream match as well as the subsequent championship change would boost television ratings twofold, thus hammering another nail in WWF’s coffin.

On July 6, inside the historic Georgia Dome, Bill Goldberg stepped into the biggest bout of his entire career against ‘Hollywood’ Hulk Hogan. The baying crowd were ready for a change and rampant to see the NWO toppled. They got their wish.

In a little over eight minutes, Goldberg pinned Hogan with a thunderous Jackhammer to lift the WCW World Heavyweight Champion to one of the loudest reactions the promotion ever had.

Now, the master of the Jackhammer has sat down in his latest WWE Network documentary to talk about the moment he lifted the strap: