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The Bushwhackers Reveal Why Vince McMahon Refused To Turn Them Heel [Exclusive]

The Bushwhackers

WWE Hall of Famers The Bushwackers are arguably one of the most beloved tag teams from the ’90s, with their affable nature and distinctive march cementing their place in the hearts of many wrestling fans. One other major contributing factor to that, though, may very well be because the tag team never turned heel!

Following the news that Butch and Luke will be returning to the ring, Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy would speak to The Bushwhackers about their run in WWE, then-WWF, and how they never turned heel, with Butch opening up about how Luke would pitch a heel turn to Vince McMahon.

“That’s what was normally done, and Luke even suggested that to him [Vince] – because normally you would come into a territory and you would come in like we were. Really, we were one of the roughest, or possibly were THE roughest, toughest tag team in the wrestling business at that time. Normally, you would come in and do a change in a match and you change from one to the other or, after you’ve been wrestling for a few years, then you do a split with your partner.

“But Luke and I, we never, ever did a split in all our wrestling history, except in the very first six months of us being in the business. And that was mainly Luke wrestling with me so we could save the night because the other guys were a piece of s**t. We were supposed to wrestle them and they were so bad that Luke and I split each other up so one of us was one one side and one of us was on the other. That why, we had a hell of a match. That’s the only way.

Butch went on to say that Vince McMahon was impressed with how much the audience got behind the team, but that it meant he “could never” split them up.

“Even Vince never wanted to split us. He said, ‘With you guys, the people love you guys so much and he used to say this. Every time he saw us, he said, ‘I can’t believe how much the public loves you guys. We cannot split you up.'”

Luke would add that McMahon’s reasoning for not turning them heel was as the people “wouldn’t accept” them as villains.

“And at the end of our run, near the end of the run, I actually said to him, ‘Turn us heel.’ This was this was about 1996, because we we finished in 1996, start of ’97. That’s when we had our last run with WWF. He said, ‘No, the people wouldn’t accept you as heels.'”

Speaking of their overall relationship with Vince McMahon, and entering the company as babyfaces, The Bushwhackers would go on to say:

Yeah, we had a fantastic relationship with Vince. When we went up there and he said, ‘Guys, I would like to maybe turn you good guys,” and blah, blah, blah and I got up on his table, right in front of him, I’d never met him before, my face was about two inches from his face. I was on his desk, on my hands and knees. And I said, “Vince, if you want us babyfaces with faces like this, you go right ahead!”

Vince turned around. He says, “Look at my top babyfaces – Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Hacksaw Jim Duggan – have they got pretty mugs?'”

You can read our full interview with The Bushwhackers here.

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