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The Bushwhackers Reveal Paul Heyman ECW Ultimatum [Exclusive]

Paul Heyman

WWE Hall of Famers The Bushwackers are marched their way into the hearts of the WWE Universe before leaving the then-WWF back in 1996. However, following their departure, Butch and Luke would end up wrestling on independent shows as opposed to WCW or ECW – only having a cup of coffee in the latter.

Following the news that Butch and Luke will be returning to the ring, Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy would speak to The Bushwhackers about their run in WWE, the worst experience they ever had licking someone and whether a longer ECW run was ever on the cards back when they appeared as the Dudleys from Down Under on a couple of Extreme Championship Wrestling shows.

Bushwhacker Luke would open up about how Paul Heyman booked the iconic team for a weekend to work with Sandman, and bring some blood and guts for the promotion.

Yes, they booked us. We were working independently after WWE and we had like Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Paul E Dangerously – or Paul Heyman – he booked us for a weekend, three shows, as the Dudleys from Down Under. We worked… The program they were looking for us to work was against Sandman and his partner, I don’t know who it was, because they wanted some blood and guts matches and we were coming in as the Dudleys.”

However, the weekend would be The Bushwhackers’ only ECW appearances, as they didn’t want to cancel any shows with independent promotions.

“What happened though. After we worked that weekend, he said, ‘I’d like to start you.’ And I told him, I said, ‘We’ve got a bookings for a month.’ We were booked up for six months ahead, but the months right after that, the next week, the next week, next week… I didn’t want to cancel because we were on my marquees for all of these independent promoters and if we put our names, we’d kill their bloody shows. With a month or two weeks to go, they couldn’t hire talent for that spot. They were good to us, these independent promoters.”

Bushwhacker Luke said he told Paul Heyman they couldn’t start immediately, and that Heyman would say it was now or never.

“So I told Paul that it would be a month before we could start, sent the message to him, and of course, he wanted us there and then. He said, ‘You don’t want to come down now? I don’t want you.'”

You can read our full interview with The Bushwhackers here.

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