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The Bushwhackers Announce In-Ring Return

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Luke and Butch, The Bushwhackers, have announced not only their reunion as a team but also their intention to return to the squared circle.

On January 29, 2021, New Zealand natives Luke Williams (74) and Butch Miller (76) released a statement to the public that officially announced their comeback as a team and made mention that the duo were now available only for 2021. The press release read:

The Bushwhackers are back together.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The Bushwhackers, also known as The Sheephearders and Los Pastores, are back together. The news was confirmed today by Bushwhacker Luke Williams on his Facebook Page. For the first time in 20 years, the WWE Hall of Famers, Luke Williams and Butch Miller, considered by many experts as one of the best tag teams of all time, are back formerly back together.
The 35 time tag team champions are now available for bookings all around the world. Just for this year, promoters will be able to book The Bushwhackers as a tag team for any wrestling or non wrestling related events, Meet & Greets, Virtual Meet & Greets, seminars, online seminars, wrestling seminars, promote your business or product, conventions, commercials, special appearances and any other activities.
The Bushwhackers started teaming back in their native New Zealand as The Kiwis back in 1966. They wrestled together for 35 years. Butch was forced to retire as an in-ring competitor in 2001 after a neck injury and moved back to New Zealand. Luke Williams is still an active wrestler in 2021. They only had 3 appearances together since they separated on 2001, including the WWE Hall of Fame induction on 2015. But this will be the first time in 20 years The Bushwhackers formerly reunite and have a tour together.
To all the promoters worldwide, they will only be available just for 2021. Contact them at: ” bushwhackerbrand@pm.me ” and they will make sure you can have The Most Violent Tag Team in the history of Pro Wrestling in your show, or depending on the request, The Good Fellas that will like everyone’s heads as a greet. For more information, go to Bushwhacker Luke’s Official Facebook Page.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The Bushwhackers, also known as The Sheephearders and Los Pastores, are back together,” began the statement.

Though Bushwhacker Butch retired from active competition in 2001 due to a neck injury, Bushwhacker Luke remained a competitor up to 2019 with his last match between the ropes coming on September 22 for Federation Canadienne de Lutte at the company’s Shawimania event.

The last time The Bushwhackers competed as a tag team was on September 8, 2001, when the duo lost the Ultimate Championship Wrestling Tag Team Championships to Carnage and Mr. Big Stuff.

One of the most legendary duos in professional wrestling history, the pair began life as The Kiwis in 1966, before transitioning into the violent Sheephearders for World Wrestling Council. A far cry from the lovable, child licking gimmick they would reach fame with on a worldwide scale, Luke and Butch were tough, merciless heels who would gladly make opponents bleed for fun.

However, as Ted DiBiase said, everybody has their price and after a run in the UWF, Luke and Butch dumbed down their gimmick to take on the role of the lovable khaki wearing Bushwhackers where they marched to the ring while driving their arms up and down, licked fans at ringside and were more of a comedy act than a serious threat to any team they opposed.

That isn’t to say that the duo didn’t have their fair share of feuds while with the company. The Fabulous Rougeaus, The Natural Disasters, The Bolsheviks and Rhythm and Blues all fell afoul of the New Zealand partners with one of their most memorable participations of their latter run coming at WWF Survivor Series 1993 when they donned the war-paint of Doink the Clown to team with Men on a Mission as Luke Doink and Butch Doink.

Following an eight year stay with the promotion, the double-act left the company in 1996 following a victory over Justin ‘Hawk’ Bradshaw and Uncle Zebakiah on a WWF live event.