The Bollywood Boyz Return To WWE

Bollywood Boyz Thumb

Samir and Sunil Singh returned to WWE under their old Bollywood Boyz gimmick on last night’s edition of 205 Live which aired after Friday Night SmackDown.

Though the duo did not compete during the show, they appeared for a very brief promo to announce their return. This followed WWE’s statement earlier this month that the brothers were ready for action.

During the segment, in which the siblings announced that they were glad to be back and they knew the fans missed them, the Singh’s had a dance with commentator Nigel McGuiness around the announce desk and then promised to return the WWE’s cruiserweight division to the spectacle it once was.

Both Samir and Sunil have been absent from television since February due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. As Canadian citizens, the pair were unable to travel to the United States to compete. Prior to their disappearance, the team were part of both Monday Night Raw and 205 Live.

They are best known however as the aids to former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, famously taking ruthless beatings from Randy Orton during the 2017 series for the company’s most prestigious prize.

The Bollywood Boyz are former WWE 24/7 Champions with Samir capturing the gold five times and Sunil four.