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The Blue Meanie Reveals Why ECW Was “Doomed From The Start”


Former ECW star The Blue Meanie has commented on the company and why he thinks the promotion was “doomed from the start.”

Extreme Championship Wrestling became the real alternative for wrestling fans in the mid to late nineties as the rambunctious promotion punched above its weight in the wrestling wars with WWF and WCW.

One star of the company at the time The Blue Meanie has discussed with JBL and Gerald Brisco on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw why, despite the underground popularity of the promotion, it was always on course to disintegrate:

“In my mind, ECW was doomed from the start because, again, the Attitude Era where everyone is competing for talent you have to overpay a little bit to make sure your marquee guys don’t jump ship. And then, when ECW kind of started making money, say in [1997], they made money. They’re still paying for [1996]. So, when they go to [1998], they make money in ’98, but they’re still paying for ’97 and part of ’96. So, they’re kind of bailing water out of the boat while water is still coming in.”

“If they could have just got a deal if the TNN deal would’ve worked where TNN put out money for the cost of production and advertising, and stuff like that, I think ECW could’ve stayed afloat. I say this all the time, if ECW would’ve survived, it would’ve become a promotion like what Ring of Honor became.”

ECW led by Paul Heyman signed a three year to be televised nationally on TNN in 1999. ECW on TNN became the network’s highest-rated show despite limited support in terms of finance or advertising from TNN. By October 2000 the end was in sight for ECW on TNN with WWF’s Monday Night RAW moving to the network. No other national television deal was forthcoming and by the spring of 2001, ECW shut up shop for good.