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The Blue Meanie Recalls Seeing His “Balls On The Titantron” On RAW

The Blue Meanie

Former WWE star The Blue Meanie has discussed the unfortunate incident on RAW when the world got to see a lot more of the Meanie than they bargained for.

The Blue Meanie was an integral part of ECW as he teamed with Stevie Richards and Nova to form the parody group Blue World Order. He parlayed that success into a run with WWE where he feuded with among others, Goldust.

Speaking to WWE Hal Of Famers Gerald Brisco and JBL on Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw, Da Blue Guy relived the infamous wardrobe malfunction he suffered on RAW during a fight with Goldust:

“I wanna say this was in Connecticut or Arizona or something like that…This was in the era where we would do a live RAW on Monday [and] tape Tuesday. So we’re taping and they wanted me to do a parody of the Nitro Girls and be the RAW Boy. This was during the whole Bluedust/Goldust feud. So they [introduce me] ‘Ladies and gentlemen, RAW Boy!’ And I come out and do the whole dancing and stuff.”

“Goldust hits me from behind because we’re still in the feud and he beats me all the way down to the ring. He throws me in the ring and he sets me up for the Shattered Dreams kick. I feel one leg go over the ropes, I feel the second leg go over the ropes and I just feel like ‘uh-oh’ and I just feel my balls pop out of my shorts. As that happens I’m facing the Titantron, I look up at the Titantron and my balls are on the Titantron. I’m saying if the camera adds ten pounds, how many cameras did they have on my balls?! It looked like a baby in a beanbag chair.”

“They have made more cameos than any part of my body, there’s times in ECW where I’m laying there in the dead sell and they’d tell the referee ‘Tell Meanie his balls are out’ and the ref goes ‘no.’ This is before I learned to wear tights under my daisy dukes but it happens, it’s just like anything you can’t reach down and you know. I got enough heat for fixing my pants.”

The Blue Meanie then details the reaction he got when he returned to the back, including what was going through Goldust’s mind as he watched the whole thing literally unfurl:

“So the segment’s over and we go to the back and this is one of those shows where the production truck is in the building. I get the golf clap from all the boys at the monitor and guys were coming out of the production truck like ‘ah Meanie!'”

“I go to the back and it’s me and Dustin in the bathroom and he’s just like ‘It looked like a pair of hooves. It looked like you were giving birth to a baby. I’ll never live it down, I would always see the late great Luna Vachon at indy shows [and she’d say] ‘Meanie remember when your balls fell out on RAW?’ [Laughs]”

The Blue Meanie hosts his own Mind Of The Meanie podcast where he delves into the world of wrestling each and every week.

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