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The Blue Meanie & JBL Discuss Their Bloody Fight At One Night Stand

The Blue Meanie JBL

The Blue Meanie and JBL have discussed their infamous fight at ECW One Night Stand that saw Meanie end up a bloody mess after things got very real in the ring.

WWE revived the ECW brand in 2005 and held a One Night Stand pay-per-view to celebrate the land of extreme. JBL was a mainstay of SmackDown at the time and was one of the leading WWE Superstars who slammed the event and ECW as a whole. During the evening the invading group of WWE stars were invited into the ring to settle things with the ECW contingent. With a wild brawl breaking out, JBL and Blue Meanie ended up throwing real punches at one another with Meanie coming off worse.

Speaking about the incident on Stories With Brisco And Bradshaw, both Blue Meanie and JBL gave their thoughts on what happened and how the two men were able to make amends, JBL began:

“I didn’t know that Meanie already had a cut [on his head] from Sandman from a while back, I had no idea. As far as the incident, after Meanie came back in, I pulled him in a private room and I apologized. I said sorry for the whole thing, and sorry for my part. I was also sorry for the fact that ECW had such a good pay-per-view, and that what was remembered was me and Meanie rather than the good work that the guys had put in.”

The Blue Meanie continued, talking about how the two men quashed their issues backstage at a SmackDown show:

“The most important thing is we got to SmackDown on July 4, 2005 and [JBL] approached me and said ‘Hey, want to go talk?’ I said ‘Absolutely’. . . Here’s the deal, you’ve all been to TV and there’s signage everywhere. Catering, kayfabe, Vince’s office. So, as we’re walking I’m seeing less signage. And I’m like ‘If me and John go into this room and there’s plastic on the floor, I’m running.’”

“We went in the room like two men, he shut the door behind me. He said ‘Hey, we can either fight or make money.’ I said ‘Uh, I’d like to make some money, sir.’ And we had a heart-to-heart talk. I explained everything at the time, how I thought he bullied me. He told me about his experiences with the NFL and playing for the Raiders and a little bit of ball-breaking and ribs, and stuff like that.”

Meanie then continued saying he felt like the new kid in school entering the WWE locker room, saying his ECW achievements counted for nothing there:

“I was like the new kid at school. When you get into the wrestling business you’re always going through this process of re-establishing yourself. You could’ve been the coolest kid in grade school, but when you go to high school, you’re a freshman. Then you become the coolest kid in high school and you go to college. Again, you’re a freshman. Then you graduate college and then you have to become an intern and start the process all over again. I might have been whoever I was in ECW, but now I’m in WWE. They don’t give a crap about what I did in ECW, I have to re-establish myself in that locker room.”

JBL finished off, acknowledging that he has changed over the years and is more careful about who he jokes with:

“I’ve learned over the years if people don’t know, you just don’t bust their balls. It’s construed wrong, it’s taken wrong, and I didn’t think about it at the time. I hope I’m a different guy now than I was then. [Brisco] will tell you I’m not. I still bust his balls.”

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription