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“THE Biggest Single Superstar In All Of WWE Is Roman Reigns” – Paul Heyman

Reigns and Heyman on Smackdown

You’d be hard-pushed to find many people who said 2020 had been an incredible year for them, but it’s almost impossible to argue that Roman Reigns hasn’t had one of the greatest years of his career.

A groundbreaking return from The Big Dog at SummerSlam would simply kick-start what will go down in history as one of the most character switches in history – with The Tribal Chief emerging to take his rightful place at the head of the table. One major catalyst in that entire run coming to fruition, though, has to be Paul Heyman who is acting as Special Counsel for Reigns after several iconic stints as the advocate for Brock Lesnar.

Heyman opened up about how he knows now is the time for Reigns, telling Alex McCarthy of TalkSPORT how Reigns is THE biggest Superstar in all of WWE right now.

“The fact is that several years ago, on television, I told Roman Reigns at the time, he was the right guy, in the right place, at the wrong time. Because it wasn’t time for him to emerge as the single biggest Superstar in all of WWE, be it RAW, SmackDown, NXT and indeed, all of sports entertainment. Now is that time for Roman Reigns.”

“And the – T-H-E – the biggest single superstar in all of WWE, right now, is Roman Reigns. And deservedly so. And Roman Reigns this Sunday will demonstrate why he is the biggest Superstar, the most important champion. And Drew McIntyre, as great as he is – and he is great – is going to have to accept the fact that he secondary to Roman Reigns.”

Conspiracy theories and speculation are two things Paul Heyman does incredibly well, as seen on an Inside The Ropes tour with our very own Kenny McIntosh, where seeds were sewn as to how “planned” the end of Undertaker’s streak was. Heyman would also spin some more wonderful conspiracy theories towards McCarthy regarding how it all came into play.

“While I admire your skills as an investigative reporter to nail down an answer that no one has been able to get yet,” he began, “I would suggest to you that the wildest conspiracy theories that you could come up with pale by comparison to the behind the scenes truth of when I knew, what I knew, what I navigated, what we manipulated and how it all came into place. And why would I want to ruin a great conspiracy theory – or series of conspiracy theories – that’s out there? Please enjoy the speculation.”

Heyman – who would praise Drew McIntyre as a “god sent to WWE” – would give a little snippet about how their alliance came to be, though, by referencing just how long he’s known Reigns.

“I think like most overnight success stories, it’s taken forever to happen. We just celebrated this week the eighth anniversary of Roman Reigns’ debut on the main roster and how did Roman Reigns debut on the main roster? At Survivor Series 2012 as part of The Shield which was brought in by Paul Heyman to keep the title on CM Punk. So my association with Roman Reigns in front of the public goes back to his debut on the main roster and I’ve known this man since the day he was born.

“So this has been a lifetime in the making and only now was the time right for us to pull the trigger on this collaboration between Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman, the Tribal Chief and the Special Counsel.”