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The Big Show Wants A Title Match In 2021

The Big Show & Drew McIntyre

It’s been a while since we’ve saw The Big Show holding some gold – but that could change in 2021 if The World’s Largest Athlete gets his way!

Speaking with WWE UK, two-time WWE Champion The Big Show would reveal he wants a title match, reiterating that he’s still wrestling because he’s good at it.

“It’s funny, I’ve been asked a lot, like, ‘Are you interested in another championship opportunity or another championship match?’ And I definitely think in 2021, I’m a guy who’s always looking for opportunities so if I get the opportunity to compete for a coveted championship, absolutely. That’s why I’m still doing this. I’m doing this because I have fun and I’m also doing it because I’m still really good at it.”

The Big Show did technically compete for the WWE Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 36, despite it being shown on RAW the following night. However, it was by no means a farewell match as the 24th Triple Crown Champion believes he has more left in the tank.

The Big Show, who appeared at WWE Legends Night this week, would also hail The Undertaker as his greatest of all time.

“Oh, wow, who is the greatest of all time for me? Well, not just because he’s… We’ve seen it on the WWE Network but for me the greatest of all time has got to be The Undertaker, hands down. I don’t think there’s ever been anyone who has had the historic kind of career that he had, the impact that he had on our industry, in the locker room, how he has developed and moulded so much talent, so many people over the years, and just his general commitment to our industry and the bar he has set is pretty high.”

Might we see The Big Show add to his impressive trophy cabinet? Only time will tell.

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