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The Big Show Reveals Who He Believes Is The Greatest Of All Time

Big Show

Ahead of a very special ‘Legends Night’ edition of WWE RAW, both Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair have respectively dismissed themselves from being the greatest of all time when speaking with WWE UK – but who tops The Big Show’s list?

The World’s Largest Athlete pondered the question, before revealing that his greatest of all time is, indeed, The Undertaker.

“Oh, wow, who is the greatest of all time for me? Well, not just because he’s… We’ve seen it on the WWE Network but for me the greatest of all time has got to be The Undertaker, hands down. I don’t think there’s ever been anyone who has had the historic kind of career that he had, the impact that he had on our industry, in the locker room, how he has developed and moulded so much talent, so many people over the years, and just his general commitment to our industry and the bar he has set is pretty high.”

The Undertaker said his final farewell to the WWE Universe after 30 years at Survivor Series, with Triple H revealing to Inside The Ropes shortly thereafter that The Deadman was set for an NXT coaching role. Meanwhile, Arn Anderson revealed the difference between the Undertaker and Mark Calaway in a recent interview with ourselves, too.

Big Show would indeed name both Flair and Hogan among a handful of “legends” when discussing the definition of the word.

“It’s funny, my definition of legend… It someone that you can’t forget that’s made an impact on this business, it someone that has done their job and made a connection with the audience so that, when their name is said, no matter where you are at in the world, they know that Superstar. When you say Andre the Giant, Andre the Giant is a legend. When you say Hulk Hogan, Hulk Hogan is a legend. When you say Ric Flair, Ric Flair is a legend. When you say John Cena, John Cena is a legend. They’ve made connections with the audience and make that relationship that makes our business such a great give and take.”

Over 20 legends have been confirmed to appear at RAW Legends Night. You can check out the full list here.

Some of your favourite WWE Legends and Hall of Famers will return for Raw ‘Legends Night’ on the first Monday Night Raw of the new year, January 4, 2021. Viewers in the UK and Ireland can watch via BT Sports 1 HD at 1am.