The Acclaimed Seemingly Take A Shot At D-Generation X Over Recent Reunion

The Acclaimed Max Caster Billy Gunn laughing together on AEW Dynamite 2022

Just over a month removed from their celebration of National Scissoring Day, The Acclaimed were once again in a celebratory mood during the November 2 AEW Dynamite as they celebrated Billy Gunn’s 59th birthday.

Together, Max Caster, Anthony Bowens, and the Baltimore faithful surrounded ‘Daddy A**’ with warmth, scissoring, and gifts, including an official adoption certificate. This certified that Gunn had adopted both Caster and Bowens.

The Acclaimed Mocked D-Generation X Reunion

What perhaps drew the loudest reaction of the segment, however, was when the reigning AEW World Tag Team Champions hilariously noted that two of Gunn’s friends had cancelled last minute. Continuing, Anthony Bowens acknowledge how annoyed they were at Billy Gunn failing to make it to the reunion.

The reunion in question is, of course, that of D-Generation X. Celebrating 25 years of the Hall of Fame group, the October 10 WWE Monday Night Raw saw Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg, and X-Pac celebrate the group’s success, whereas Billy Gunn was conspicuous by his absence.

As it turns out, Billy Gunn was close to appearing as part of the DX reunion, so much so that Road Dogg was reportedly told that plans for him to appear were essentially confirmed. Speaking on his Oh…You Didn’t Know? podcast, the WWE Senior Vice President, Live Events noted how Billy Gunn had actually told him, “I’m in”:

“During the day prior, I texted him, ‘Hey, are you going to be able to make it? Have you found out any answers yet?’ He said, ‘Yes, I’m in.’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s awesome.’ Literally, before I landed at home, I found out he was not in. I texted him back and he wasn’t happy either. It just didn’t work, no matter what. I understand. Whatever.

I understand we’re [AEW and WWE] not huge fans of each other from a business standpoint. It was a big deal, and I feel like he got ripped off and didn’t live it with us. I’m sorry for that. I know he is too.”

Sans Billy Gunn, the DX reunion also featured a heartwarming tribute to the late Chyna.

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