“That Desiccated F*cking Liver Motherf*cker” – Jim Cornette Blasts Surprising Name’s Role In AEW Double Or Nothing

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette is far from a fan of AEW and he’s notoriously unafraid to express such a notion.

Needless to say, the legendary manager didn’t enjoy the company’s recent PPV, Double or Nothing as he took some time on the latest “Jim Cornette Experience” to review the show, including the “Anarchy In The Arena” main event. According to Cornette, there was a lot wrong with that match.

“The fight started in the stands because The Elite went up to meet [BCC], they fight in stands, all eight guys and you can’t see anything and the cameras are trying to cut back and forth and the band is still playing and there’s bad indie wrestling everywhere going on. It’s the wet dream of any outlaw indie mud show wrestler to be on TV and do this stuff that they all do.”

Jim Cornette Didn’t Like One Particular Spot Featuring A Non-Wrestler

Cornette’s criticism wasn’t just confined to the match itself either as he made sure to express his distaste for the official of the fight, Rick Knox, who also happened to be busted open during the match.

“Then there’s Claudio, poor Claudio, who has such talent god dammit…and he’s holding the corpse referee Rick Knox, that desiccated f*cking liver motherf*cker, and he’s done a blade job, it was only a pap smear but the referee is bleeding. But I bet you, because he’s a mark friend of The Buckeroos…I guarantee you he went up to them and said, ‘Can I bleed tonight too? It’s gonna be badass.'”

Much to the likely chagrin of Cornette, Dave Meltzer, who Cornette is also critical of, gave the Anarchy In The Arena match five stars in his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.