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“Thank You Mick, ‘For The House'” – The Rock And Mick Foley Look Back On Royal Rumble 1999

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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Mick Foley have spoken out on the anniversary of their classic 1999 Royal Rumble “I Quit” Match.

On January 24, 1999, then WWF Champion Mankind defended his gold against ‘The Great One’ in the main event of the second biggest pay-per-view event in history, three weeks after capturing the gold from Vince McMahon’s Corporate Champion on Monday Night Raw.

Remembered for its arena-wide brawl, unrelenting unprotected chair shots from The Rock and some nifty audio trickery in order to put the strap back onto ‘The Brahma Bull’, the bout was also one of the main focusses of the hugely popular Beyond the Mat documentary thanks to the severe concussion it caused Foley.

Now, both men have taken to social media in order to remember arguably one of then most famous and celebrated outings in their careers on its twenty second anniversary.

First up was Mick Foley himself. Recovering from a positive diagnosis of COVID-19, the man of many faces wrote:

“22 Years Ago Today! I think @The Rock and I may have gone a little too far on this particular evening.”

While Foley talked about the un-remitting shots from the steel chair, The Rock talked about the brutal ending and thanked Foley for the night in question:

“For months, this was such an elaborate and dare say, ‘nuanced’ storyline and build up to this hyper brutal ending. Two of the nicest men in pro wrestling doing the most savage and brutal things. That’s the smiling irony. That’s our DNA. That you Mick ‘for the house’.”

While the championship would switch back between the pair before they reached WrestleMania XV, it would be The Rock who would advance to ‘Then Grandest Stage of Them All’ to defend the WWF Championship against Stone Cold Steve Austin.