Teddy Long’s Wife Passes Away

Teddy Long

Teddy Long revealed that his wife has sadly passed away.

Former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long was trending in the news this week after he seemingly went on a Twitter blocking spree, with many notable wrestling personalities wondering why he’d blocked them.

Teddy Long posted a video on social media to explain that he hadn’t intentionally blocked anyone, and that he believed his account had been hacked by someone angry that they’d been blocked by the WWE Hall of Famer in the past.

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Teddy Long expanded on his explanation, assuring fans that he had no malicious thoughts toward them.

“I don’t know what happened here. But I mean, I sat down and I thought this over because I did have a problem one time on Instagram. It was somebody that just kept bothering me and so I blocked them. So the next thing I know that they must have got back on Instagram using the ‘N’, word, cussing, and all kinds of foul language. So Instagram shut my whole Instagram account down because of some idiot. So I just didn’t ever get back on Instagram. I’m like, hey, I’ll just leave it alone. I won’t worry about it.”

“So I guess this was somebody that I probably blocked on Twitter because let me explain something to you. I’m a grown man. I don’t have time for no gamers and all this stuff. I don’t play games. There’s a lot of people that come up on my site that you know, just get saying stuff that just doesn’t really make any sense. So them kind of people, I don’t be bothered with.

“Basically, my Facebook and my Twitter is like a business account. You know, I use that just to let people know what my appearances are and where I’m gonna be appearing yet. So I don’t really care about a whole lot of Facebook friends and all that stuff. I’m strictly business. So I just wanted to let everybody know, I didn’t block anybody. There’s some idiot that I blocked, he got mad, hacked my Twitter, and started blocking people.

“So if you got blocked, you know, I didn’t block you. What they did, they screenshotted my Twitter with a blue sticker because my Twitter is verified, so that made people think that it was really me. So like I said, with the blocking, I didn’t block anybody. That was somebody that I blocked probably and they got mad at me and started blocking everybody else.”

When Mark Henry brought up the subject of his wife Tasha, Teddy Long revealed the news that she’s sadly passed away. Despite such a great loss, Teddy Long says he’s trying to remain positive and continue with his life.

“I did lose my wife but you know, I’m keeping on going man because that was God’s cause, so you know, there’s nothing I can do about that but just keep on continuing to do what I do.”

Inside the Ropes sends its deepest condolences to Teddy Long as well as Tasha’s friends and family.

h/t WrestlingNews.co