Teddy Long Recalls Making Jim Cornette An “Honorary Black Muslim”

Teddy Long Recalls Making Jim Cornette An

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long recently provided some new information on an amusing segment between himself and Jim Cornette.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews. Teddy Long was asked about a time he once jokingly made his colleague Jim Cornette an honorary Black Muslim during a promo segment. The incident occurred after Cornette had bestowed the title of honorary Kentucky Colonel upon Long.

Long explained that the hilarious segment was entirely improvised, with no prior planning or scripting involved. According to Long, the impromptu exchange between him and Cornette showcased the latter’s exceptional improvisational skills.

We just made that up, like I said back then there were no writers no one was writing nothing so once he did that I knew with me being a heel that I knew how people hated Muslims and I knew that would be heat, for me to make a white man a Muslim that’s good heat man.

Long praised Cornette as one of the best improvisers in professional wrestling, emphasising his ability to think on his feet and create memorable moments on the spot. When asked to give his opinion on the best improvisers in wrestling by WSI host, James Romero, Long responded:

Romero: Who’s the best at improvising?

Long: Ah man, I guess that probably might be me.

Romero: Really? That’s a cheating answer man. Okay, apart from you who is the best at improvising?

Long: I’d say Cornette.

What Else Did Teddy Long Say About Jim Cornette?

Later in the interview, Teddy Long discussed the origins of the nickname “Peanut Head.” Long mentioned how his childhood nickname was “Peanut.” He told Jim Cornette this and that is how Cornette coined the “Peanut Head” nickname for Long.

I told Cornette to start doing that because when I was a kid that was my nickname peanut, they were trying to find something to say that would get some heat and I told Cornette ‘Well when I was a kid they used to call me peanut’ and he said ‘peanut head that’s it’ and so that’s how the peanut head started.

Teddy Long also discussed a time when he got blasted by Vince McMahon over a too enthusiastic introduction he made for Randy Orton.

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