Teddy Long Explains Social Media Blocking Spree

Teddy Long

Teddy Long has explained his apparent blocking spree on social media which left top stars and fans alike unable to view his posts.

WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long was trending on Twitter on September 25th after he seemed to go on an indiscriminate blocking spree.

The blocking led to a lot of confusion from the likes of Renee Paquette, Taz, and AEW’s newest signee Saraya who questioned what had caused “the Teddy purge.”

Teddy Long has now posted a video explaining that the “purge” was actually a result of his account being hacked by someone who was unhappy about being blocked themselves.

“Just wanted to get on here this morning and let everybody know from LA Fitness my second home, somebody hacked my Twitter account. I have no idea who it was. It was somebody that I blocked who was mad that I blocked them and they wanted to hack my s**t and block everybody else.

“Well, I want to thank them because the first thing they did, they got me trending. This is like the third time I’ve ever been trending so that tells me, ‘Teddy Long, you still got it.’

“Let me explain this to you playas, I didn’t block anybody. Like I said, it might’ve been that person that hacked me because I blocked them and you can see why I blocked them.

“My Twitter is verified, so I didn’t block anybody so I don’t want y’all mad at me. Maybe next week, we’ll talk further about this, maybe a couple of podcasts.

“I didn’t block anybody, it was not me, my Twitter was hacked and playas, I love all y’all.”

After explaining the situation, Teddy Long then resumed his workout and let everyone know he was working on his abs today.

In recent news, Teddy Long has criticised AEW’s leadership over the Jack Perry and CM Punk incident at All In.

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