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Ted DiBiase And Sons Sued For $5.7 Million Over Misused Welfare Funds

Ted DiBiase

Ted DiBiase and his two sons are being sued by the state of Mississippi regarding the misuse of federal welfare funds.

Mississippi Today have reported that the WWE Hall of Famer, former WWE star Ted DiBiase Jr, and Brett DiBiase are named in a civil lawsuit filed by Mississippi Department of Human Services.

The lawsuit is seeking to reclaim a total of $24 million dollars which was meant to be used to tackle poverty in Mississippi. DiBiase and his family are among 38 people who are being sued as a result.

It is alleged that Nancy New and her son Zack New used their non-profit to illegally move “tens of millions” of dollars into other non-profits. Then Director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services, John Davis befriended and then promoted DiBiase Jr within the department, to receive payment from two of New’s non-profits to the tune of $3 million.

The money was intended to ““address the multiple needs of inner-city youth” despite DiBiase Jr. holding no qualifications to provide the TNAF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) services.

The lawsuit states that the former WWE Superstar “made no substantial effort to supply any such contractual services, either as an individual or through any organization or entity,”

Brett DiBiase also received payments from each of the non-profits totally $600,00 but “never performed services of any significance which served any lawful TANF purpose.” He also spent time in a luxury rehab clinic at the non-profit’s expense and was paid as a contractor during this period.

Brett DiBiase is the only person to face criminal charges for the misuse of TNAF funds, and pleased guilty to fraud charges in 2020 as well as agreeing to cooperate with prosecutors.

Interestingly, the lawsuit also alleges that the rehab facility in Malibu used by Brett DiBiase, knew, or should have known, that they were receiving funds illegally.

The lawsuit also notes that Ted DiBiase Jr., urged Davis to give $1.7 million in TNASF funds to his father, Ted DiBiase’s ministry, the Heart of David. It is alleged that DiBiase Sr. used some of this money for personal expenses.

You can find a full list of the damages sought by the lawsuit from the DiBiase family below.

  • Ted DiBiase Sr. ($1,971,223)
  • Heart of David Ministries Inc. ($1,721,223)
  • Ted “Teddy” DiBiase Jr. ($2,897,487)
  • Brett DiBiase ($824,258

The lawsuit is also seeking almost $2.9 million from Ted DiBiase Jr’s companies.

Former football stars Brett Farve, Paul Lacoste, and Marcus Dupree are also named in the lawsuit.