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Ted DiBiase Bringing His Millions To NXT To Meet Cameron Grimes

Ted Dibiase

‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted DiBiase could very well be appearing on Tuesday night’s soon as he has revealed he will be going to NXT to meet the black and gold brand’s own money man, Cameron Grimes.

Grimes returned to NXT in February 2021 after several weeks out for arthroscopic knee surgery. Upon his return, Grimes was flush with cash as he divulged that he had invested in GameStop stock – mirroring the real-life boom the company had gone through.

Grimes now calls himself ‘The Richest Man In NXT‘ and was quick to use his new-found wealth to attempt to have some fun at other’s expense. In several memorable skits on NXT Grimes attempted to pull some of DiBiase’s cruel tricks on unsuspecting members of the NXT crew.

Grimes watched old footage of DiBiase offering a child a wad of money for dribbling a basketball ten times. Of course, as the child almost completed the task, DiBiase kicked the ball away. Unfortunately, Grimes did not watch all of the video and missed the crucial kick part out as he started to lose fistfuls of dollars to whoever he came across.

This caused Grimes to curse Ted DiBiase and accuse the original ‘Million Dollar Man’ of thinking he was smarter than Grimes.

In an appearance on Booker T’s Hall Of Fame podcast, DiBiase revealed that he is set to have a program involving Grimes very soon.

DiBiase explained:

“As a matter of fact, I’m supposed to go down to the developmental center pretty soon. I think I’m gonna do something with that new guy, their new money guy, Cameron Grimes, or something. I’m gonna have a little feud with him.”

No details of DiBiase’s appearances have been made yet. However, Cameron Grimes might find out soon enough that everybody has a price for ‘The Million Dollar Man.’

Credit: Hall Of Fame Podcast via Reality Of Wrestling

h/t POST Wrestling for the transcription